Hi! We're 42 Custom Fabric. It is our aim to provide fun and geeky, custom designed, digitally printed, knit and woven fabrics.


We're two Mums who have a passion for crafting, design and fabric. Creativity makes us happy. We love to come up with fun, colourful and geeky ideas and then turn them into beautiful fabric. Furthermore, we love to see those ideas come to life. Both in makes for ourselves and also for our children. After all, we are geeks, married to geeks, raising miniature geeks!

42 Custom Fabric was conceived in 2016. To begin with, our shared love of all things geeky and our interest in sewing led us to design some fabric for our own personal use. After receiving positive feedback, we decided to offer our fabric designs to the UK marketplace and in 2017 42 Custom Fabric officially launched.

Custom Designed Fabrics

Since then, we have grown to offer a range of custom designed, digitally printed fabric. We offer our designs on a variety of fabric bases. You can read more about these in our help topics. Additionally, our fabric is both in stock and available on a preorder basis. Preorders run monthly and you can join our Facebook group for more information.

We love individuality. For instance, it is important to us that our fabrics are all custom designed and most are drawn by us. Thereby ensuring that items sewn with them will really stand out.


We firmly believe in the importance of fostering good relationships amongst the sewing community. We are always striving to innovate in terms of the products that we offer. It is important to us that they add value to other WAHM/sewing businesses.  This was at the forefront during the development of our care labels and print your own service.

Good relationships and good design are led by good communication. If you have any feedback for us, then please get in touch or email us at

Meet the Owners

Emma Thatcher


Mum to two kidlets. Emma discovered sewing when she wanted to make clothes that stood out but that were also comfortable, custom fit and suitable for playing in. Emma is a teacher by day, and an artist and seamstress by night. She has been drawing as long as she could hold a pen. When she is not doodling or drawing or sketching or inking her amazing designs, she is sewing up a storm at her machines.

Laura Salmon


Likewise Mum to two childerbeasts, Laura has a "spirited" boy that never sleeps and his baby sister that blessedly does. Laura's background is business with nearly 15 years experience in marketing and design. She is a surface pattern designer and digitises Emma's prolific artwork. Additionally, she is responsible for general administration and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.