Preorder fabric from our back catalogue of our past designs. Did you miss a preorder or want to stock up on a favourite design? This section is where you can preorder a previously ran design that is no longer in stock.

Rather than plan in re-run rounds, we have decided to make our back catalogue designs available here for permanent preorder instead. Fabrics listed in this section are not in stock, this is a preorder which is always available.

How does it work?

Back catalogue fabrics are available in this section permanently for print on demand. We compile and send preorders to print at least twice a month. The estimated leadtime for preorder fabrics is between 8-10 weeks. But depending on when you order within our print schedule, you may receive them sooner or later. If you require fabric for a project and are unable to wait, please take a look at our instock fabric instead.

Fabrics in this section are sold by the metre. Because of the amount of designs in our back catalogue and the variety of bases available. Simply, choose the base and length that you require in 1 metre increments.

Due to the minimum printing requirements we are unable to offer panels. But if there is a design you wish to order that you cannot see, then please contact us to discuss ordering.

Finally, please note that if you order retail fabrics and preorder back catalogue fabrics together, then we will contact you to discuss whether you would like them holding or sending. This may result in a small delay. To have them sent separately, additional postage will be required.

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