The idea for 42 Custom Fabric was born in 2016 when an artist and a graphic designer decided to create a collection of fun, colourful and geeky fabrics.

Welcome to 42 Custom Fabric

We aim to provide fun and geeky, custom designed, digitally printed, knit and woven fabrics.

We have a passion for crafting, design and fabric. Creativity makes us happy. We love to come up with fun, colourful and geeky ideas and then turn them into beautiful fabrics. And then we love to see those fabrics come to life – sewn up by you into clothes, bags, curtains, cushions and a whole host of other sewing projects.

We offer a range of custom designs, digitally printed on a variety of fabric bases. Because we know that different projects need different fabrics, we are continuously sourcing different bases to add to our range of options. You can read more about these in our help topics. Additionally, we have a range of in stock fabric and also run monthly preorders for limited edition designs. You can join our Facebook group for more information about preorder fabrics.

We love individuality. It is important to us that our fabrics are all custom designed, with the majority also handdrawn by us as well. We like to make items that stand out as being a little bit different, and this principle is at the core of our designs. 

We firmly believe in the importance of fostering good relationships amongst the sewing community. We are always striving to innovate in terms of the products that we offer. It is important to us that they add value to other sewing businesses.  

We design fabric because we love it. We like the community. We like the talented sewists that we meet and that inspire us daily. We like to speak fabric. We like to share sewing, creating, crafting. We like to embrace the geekiness. And we like to bring happiness and a little joy to the world through our fabrics.

Emma Thatcher

Teacher by day, artist and sewist by night. Creating beautiful art makes Emma happy. Emma is a geek, married to a geek and raising two little geeks who influence a lot of her artistry She draws things that she knows children will love to wear.

Laura Salmon

Mum. Crafter. Bibliophile. Fibre fanatic. Curator of fabric. Geek. Gamer. Gardener. Tea drinker. Graphic designer and surface pattern designer. With a background in corporate business and marketing, Laura also handles the majority of our administration.

Why Choose Us?

42 Custom Fabric provide the answer to fun and geeky custom designed, digitally printed, woven and knit fabrics. Based in the UK and drawing inspiration from life, the universe and everything.