Superband Tutorial – Sew Your Own

Is it a snood? Is it a face cover? Is it a headband? No! It’s a Superband!

My Mum recently asked me to sew her a summer snood that she could use for nippy days on the golf course, but which would also double up as a quick face cover when needed. After a bit of a play around with different fabrics and sizes, I thought I’d take some pictures and put together a quick tutorial.

I found that it works best with lightweight knits for the drape and also so it isn’t too hot when pulled up. I used bamboo spandex for this one, but our lightweight cotton spandex works really well too. 

As an added bonus it also works really well as a workout headband to keep your hair off your face. This is a super simple, quick sew, and requires less than a fat quarter of your fabric so is a good scrap buster. 

If you haven’t sewn with stretch fabrics (knits) before, then we recommend using a walking foot and stretch or ballpoint needles on your sewing machine. Use a zig zag stitch or stretch stitch throughout, unless the instructions specify otherwise.

Step 1

Measure your head where you would normally wear a headband. Mine measured 54 cm, so I cut a rectangle that was 54 cm (21 inches) wide by 50 cm high. If you wanted to do a reversible superband, then you would cut two pieces at 54 cm wide by 25 cm high.

Step 2

Fold the fabric in half right side together, clip and then sew along the long straight edge. If you were doing a reversible one you would place the two pieces right sides together and sew along the two long edges.

Step 3

Turn the tube right side out.

Step 4

Fold it in half, and bring the raw edges right sides together. Find the seams and use them as a guide to clip the tube together.

Step 5

Sew them together, you’ll be going in a circle to sew up the end of the tube. As you go, the tube will start to turn itself inside out. Don’t worry about that.

Step 6

Sew all the way around, and when you get towards where you started, leave about a 3cm gap to allow you to turn it back the right side out.

Step 7

Pull the fabric through the hole so it’s the right side out.

Step 8

Once you have turned it the right side out, you should have something like this with just a little hole left to close up.

Step 9

Close the hole up by hand sewing with a ladder stitch. And you’re done!


This superband is not a professional-grade or medical-grade mask, and we make no guarantees about its effectiveness in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 or other viruses.

Covering your face with a piece of cloth won’t protect you from infection. However, it could help you to keep from spreading COVID-19 or other viruses to others if you are unknowingly carrying the virus without symptoms. 

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